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Virtual protocol analyzer for network professionals

What is a virtual analyzer ?

Sometimes it is for network operators not advisable to maintain a huge pool of protocol analyzers to fix network prolems. This is especially true, if the expensive test equipment is not permanently accessed. Many other reasons are against hardware analyzers as well: They are bulky, heavy, always on the wrong place and frequently loaded with the wrong protocol files.

A virtual analyzer is a program running on a web-server in the internet. Wherever you have access to the internet, you can use it. The analyzer reads your data (you must fetch the raw protocol data or obtain log files from your network yourself) through a form where you can copy and paste your raw data as hex-strings. This data will be sent to the web-server by means of the commonly used cgi-method. The server decodes your data and sends back easily legible ascii text containing the full protocol content of the submitted messages.

You can use the virtual protocol analyzer anytime, everywhere and in multiple instances as often as you want. The virtual protocol analyzer keeps always the up to date protocol descriptions, so there is no need for you to care about recently changes in protocol implementations.

Finally,´s virtual protocol analyzer is easy to operate. Everything is done by a graphical user interface, and while the analyzer service seems to be just a part of the internet, operation works on a point-and-click basis. No installation is necessary.

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