validate protocol traces with performs test optimization and test management for you accomplishes test planning, test optimization and test automatization for both GSM and 3G/UMTS Mobiles and Access Network entities. We believe on the special importance of Objectivity, Validity and Transparency for the testing process. Here we tell, how we achieve this goals. How can we help to reach your goals?

Objectivity: is independent from manufacturers, network operators, standardization organizations and even certification leagues. That makes sense for you: we test what is essential for your product's validation or software verification, nothing else. That saves both of us time and money.

Validity:'s test reports are cogent: Every test case has been approved by experienced network test specialists. Every single step of a test-case report (even successful ones) gets a tag for unique identification. A test step report consists of information about tester, date and time, DUT-environment, network environment as well as information about the required tools and their settings. We achieve a maximum validity thru elaborate test planning and above-average skilled test engineers.


You know what you want; we show what we do - as soon as possible. Every test progress will be reported to you immediately, or -- in case of outdoor test -- as soon as the technical situation gives us the opportunity.

This saves you precious time during final stage of development process and makes sure, your product appears on the market just in time. sc5m.comīs test gives you the fastest possible feedback. is privately owned and responsible to no person or institution other than our customer.
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