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welcome to the free analyzer demo

Here are the steps:

After you have started the demo by clicking on the link below, you have to:

  • (1) Find out a network type you want (PSTN, PLMN, GPRS) and select it by clicking one of the three network symbols
  • (2) Select an interface (ISUP, DSS-1, GTP) by clicking one of the blue interconnection lines
  • (3) Find out the protocol layer of your interest and click on it
  • (4) Find out how to work with the data-entry form. Click on the button "insert demo"
  • This demo will supply the form with sufficient raw-data according to your previous selections
  • (5) Click on the button "show results"
  • The demo will return a page with a full decode of the inserted data

A few notes about the free analyzer demo:

  • At the moment, the only supported protocol are ETSI-ISUP, DSS-1, GTP
  • More protocols (i.e. TCAP, SIP, A-itf) will come soon
  • Remember: the lower you make your entry-layer selection, the more data have to be processed
  • The checkboxes [ none | hex | max ] are not evaluated in this demo
  • You can stop the demo at any time using the "close demo" button.
  • It is not possible to decode other than demo-data in the input form. Therefore you have to register ((-:

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Enjoy the tour!

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