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SS#7 Specialist

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Technology training for Network Operators  

Signaling Foundations

  • Structure of telco networks
  • The need for signaling
  • Signaling systems overview
  • Signaling history
  • Standardisation bodies

Layered Protocol Stacks

  • Introduction
  • Historical facts
  • OSI reference model
  • Comparison OSI - SS#7

Message Transfer Part (MTP)

  • Function
  • Descrition
  • MTP 2 scenarios
  • Routing principles
  • ANSI vs. ITU addressing

Signaling Connection Control Part (SCCP)

  • SCCP usage
  • SCCP services
  • SCCP scenarios

ISDN User Part (ISUP)

  • usage
  • services
  • ISUP scenarios

SS#7 User Parts

  • BSSAP and GSM scenarios
  • OMUP
  • TCAP
  • MAP and mobile scenarios
  • INAP and IN scenarios

SS#7 over IP

  • Signaling in VoIP networks
  • SIP, Megacop and Pint
  • ISUP over IP demonstration

SS#7 in UMTS

  • UMTS Architecture
  • Core network scenarios

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Course Title :
Length :
3 days  
Objective :
By the end of the course, participants will be able to describe the components, structure and features of the SS#7 Signaling System  
Location :  
On´s or customer premises  
Prerequisites :  
Familiarity with telecommunications networks  
Audience :  
Technical personnel working in a field where SS#7 is used. This can be fixed network, IN, GSM, mobile IP or UMTS.  
Training Methods :  
Conversational tuition together with a lot of practical examples from Protocol Analyzers and Network Simulators  
Course Number :  
Price :  
Number of Participants :  
9 max  
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