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Network Security workshop

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Technology training for Network Operators  

Setting up a network

  • Configuration of Internet services
  • Configuration of Intranet services
  • mail
  • telnet
  • news
  • HTTP
  • DNS
  • NTP
  • YP
  • NFS

Check services with portscans

Check traffic with packet sniffers

Check security

  • SATAN-tool
  • Nessus-tool

Install a firewall system

  • Setting up a firewall system
  • Security test

covered topics
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Course Title :
Network Security workshop  
Length :
2 days  
Objective :
By the end of the course, participants will know how to improve and maintain network security  
Location :  
On´s or customer premises  
Prerequisites :  
basic internet nowledge  
Audience :  
personnel involved in internet technology, gprs core network, umts core network  
Training Methods :  
Conversational tuition together with practical examples and demonstrations  
Course Number :  
Price :  
Number of Participants :  
9 max  
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