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GSM Technician

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Technology training for Network Operators  

What is GSM

  • the need for a mobile telephonic system
  • GSM in comparison to DAMPS and CDMA

Architecture of an GSM System

  • The Subsystems NSS, BSS and their functions
  • The Network elements BTS, BSC, TC, MSC, VLR, HLR, AC and SMSC and their functions
  • The GSM interfaces Um, Abis, Ater, A, B, E and their implementation
  • Introduction to GSM Protocols

The GSM Air Interface

  • Bursts, Frames ans Superframes
  • TDMA and FDMA
  • Methods of Channel allocation
  • Coding principles

The GSM Mobile Terminal

  • The states of an GSM Terminal
  • Bearer Services, Teleservices and supplementary Services

GSM Scenarios

  • Initial attach
  • Mobile originating call
  • Mobile terminating call
  • Roaming and handover

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Course Title :
GSM Technical  
Length :
3 days  
Objective :
The Trainees learn about services, administrative and technical foundations of the GSM System for Mobile Communication.  
Location :  
On´s or customer premises  
Prerequisites :  
Familiarity with telecommunications networks  
Audience :  
All technical personnel of a network operator dealing with GSM network elements  
Training Methods :  
Conversational tuition  
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Number of Participants :  
12 max  
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